Ramadan Competition Results

Here are the Results for the Competitition held on Saturday, May 25, 2019. The Prize distribution ceremony wil be held on June,19 2019
Event 1: Surah Recitation in Arabic w/ English Summary 
Group 1 ( age 5 to 7): Surah Nasr
Top 5 (no specific order)
Sama Al-Mulla 
Azim Faisal 
Ahmed Rawa
Ibrahim Mohammad
Ahmed Ismail
Group 2 (age 8 to 10): Surah Fil
Top 5 (no specific order)
Boushra Ward 
Baryal Ijaz 
Arsh Faisal
Aleezay Shakeel
Ons Mustafa
Group 3 (age 11 to 13): Surah Zalzala
Top 5 (no specific order)
Nasuha Mohammad 
Taseen Ismail 
Saad Ijaz 
Bashir Ward
Arisha Ismail
Group 4 ( age 14 to 17): Surah Alaa
Top 3 (no specific order)
Laiba Ismail 
Ismail Ali 
Huda Mohammad 
Event 2: Recitation with Tajweed
Group 1: Juzz 30
Top 5 (no specific order)
Laiba Ismail 
Omar Momin 
Huda Mohammad 
Nasuha Mohammad 
Musa Mohammed 
Group 2: Juzz 29, 30
Top 5 (no specific order)
Taseen Ismail 
Zaid Mohammed 
Hisham Mohammed
Sophia Mohammed 
Haneen Tashfeen 
Group 3: Juzz 28,29,30
Top 5 (no specific order)
Taha Akhtar 
Abdurrahman Abo Safi 
Ibrahim Hashmi 
Humera Tashfeen 
Mustafa Jafri 
Event 3: Islamic Quiz
Group 1: Age 8 to 12
Nasuha Mohammad 
Omar Mom
Musa Mohammed & Uthman 
Group 2: Age 13 to 18
Laiba Ismail
Huda Mohammad
Saad Ijaz & Bilal Akhtar
Group 3: Age 18+
Hina Noorin
Abdul Majid Adam
Tufail Ijaz 

Iqama Timing

  Adhan Salat
Fajr 4:26 4:46
Dhuhr 1:34 2:00
Asr 5:33 5:45
Maghrib 9:05 9:10
Isha 10:20 10:25

Jumma (Friday) Prayers

Khutbah Salah
12:15 12:45
1:15 1:45
2:15 (Arabic) 2:45
3:00 (Youth) 3:30
No Youth khutbah during school breaks

Itikaaf Registration - 2019


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Narrated Abu Huraira (radi Allahu anhu):

I heard Allah's Apostle (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) saying. 'Allah divided Mercy into one-hundred parts and kept ninety-nine parts of it with Him and sent down one part on earth. And because of that, its one single part, His creations are Merciful to each other, so much so that an animal lifts its hoof away from its young lest it should hurt it.

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