InshaAllah, we will be having 20 rakaat of Taraweeh.Isha prayers are scheduled at 10:45pm, and Taraweeh would start subsequently and would be lead by


Sh. Jamal Shaker Abdullah will be with us for the entire month of Ramadan InshaAllah, he is of Jordanian descent and teaches at Madinah University in Saudi Arabia. Sh. Jamal is well known among the muslim world for his beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur'an. 







Haafiz Basseruddin Faiz is a native of Columbus, OH. He had completed his Hifz at our Noor Hifz School and had also led teh Taraweeh prayes last year. InshaAllah Haafiz Baseer will with us for the entire month of Ramadan.






Qari Sheikh Abdelkarim Edghouchmemorized the entire Quran at the age of nine, after that he studied the Seven recitations. He has an Ijaza with an authentic chain from him to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him). He is now located in Dallas, Texas where he works as the Director of a Quranic Institute. InshaAllah Sh. Edghouch will be us for the last 10 days of Ramadan.




************ Khatirah ************  

InshaAllah there will be khatirahs during the entire month of Ramadan by various Shaykhs and scholars. 

Ustadh Chad Earl will be leading the program"Journey through the Quran" from June 24thto July 3rd.  It will be about an hour talk every day after Zuhr and Asr prayers.  Ustadh will also have a short khateerah of about 5min after four rakat of Taraweeh in last Ashrah of Ramadan.
Chad Earl is a native Hoosier who converted to Islam in the 90’s, at the age of 15. He traveled to Egypt where he began his Arabic studies while also studying Tajweed, Fiqh, Arabic Grammar, and memorizing some parts of the Qur’an. All this was to lay the groundwork for his entrance into Al-Azhar University, at the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies, where he is in the process of earning his bachelor’s degree in Islamic and Arabic Studies. 




************ I'tikaaf ************ 

Brothers intending to perform I'tikaaf during the last 10 days of Ramadan should fill a Registration Form along with a photocopy of a valid picture ID. There are only limited number of spaces allowed for I'tikaaf. Brother in I'tikaaf should follow the guidelines in the registration form


I'tikaaf Registration Form

Please return the completed form with a picture ID to the NICC Office. 


Only brothers above the age of 18 years will be allowed to participate in I’tikaf. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent / guardian.




************ Prayer Space ************  

Alhamdulillah, our community has been growing at a rapid pace, to make sure everyone has a pleasnat experience during the month of Ramadan, the space allocations are




Brothers : 1st floor Main Musalla, South Conf. Room and Library. Please remember NO toddlers/children under the age of 5 will be allowed here.


Brothers with Children : Partial Basement


Sisters : Entire 2nd floor and North Conf. Room. Please remember NO toddlers/children will be allowed here


Sisters with Children : Partial Basement.


Youth Activities and baby Sitting : Basement Rooms




********** Community Iftar *********  

Community Iftars will be hosted every Friday and Saturday. 


If you are interested in sponsoring an Iftar or volunteer during an Iftar, please contactsocial@noorohio.org  or the NICC Office.


There will be dates and water everyday at the main entrances during Iftar.


The Lailatul-Qadr community Iftar and Suhoor will be sponsored by the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee and their families. Everyone is cordially invited to attend with your families and loved ones.


********** Interfaith Iftar *********  

NICC Outreach Department will be hosting our Annual Interfaith Iftar on Thursday June 16th, 2016. We encourage you all to please bring your non-Muslim neighbors, colleagues and friends to this iftar so we can share the essence of Ramadan and rituals of breaking fast. This is a free event but RSVPs are required as seating is limited.
We will have a brief program prior to Iftar so all guests are requested to arrive by 7:45 pm EST on Thursday June 16th, 2016. The event will take place in the basement area.
PLEASE RSVP to outreach@noorohio.org by Tuesday June 14th, 2016.

************ Ramadan Henna  *********** 

Monday, July 4th(Duhr to Maghrib)

2:00pm to 9:00pm at NICC Basement



Vendors : $35 per table, Please make the payment at NICC Finance Office before the event. 


For more information on this event, please contact contact@noorohio.org


**Black Henna application at your own risk**



************ Eid Bazaar *********** 

Eid Bazaar will be on Friday, June 24, 2016 from 12:00pm to 7:00pm.
If you are interesed on being a vendor, please complete ourVendor Contract Form and submit it along with a $50 rental fee.
************ Eid Festival ************ 
The Eid festival organizing committee is seeking sponsors for the upcoming Eid festival. This is one of the biggest events organized by NICC. More than 2000 individuals attended last year’s festival. Muslim businesses/individuals who are interested in supporting the upcoming festival will get the following in return: 
  • Business name/logo displayed on the masjid screens for the entire month of Ramadan 
  • Business name/logo included in the weekly electronic newsletter (ENN) as supporter of Eid festival 
  • A table at the festival to distribute/sell merchandise with business banner displayed
  • A “thank you for your support” included in the Eid video (displayed on the NICC website and included in the ENN) 
Minimum contribution: $500
If you are interested, please email social@noorohio.org with your business name and logo to be displayed.
************ Youth Activities ************ 
The 30 Days of Fajr Challenge #30DOFChallenge
  1. Pray Fajr at Noor Islamic Cultural Center for 30 Days of Ramadan
  2. Memorize and Recite Surat Al-A'laa & Al-Ghashiya before the end of Ramadan
  3. Attend a 15 min tafseer reflection of the Surahs (following Fajr Prayer)


Participation open to youth of all ages. Grand Prize for Middle & High School Youth Only. 


  • Grand Prize: All Expenses Paid Trip to Hocking Hills

Additional Prizes:

  • First 10 Days: Draw String Bag
  • Second 10 Days: T-Shirt
  • All 30 Days: Grand Prize

Registration Fee: $20 


Register here


For more information, please contact youth@noorohio.org





Quran Reflections

What: eflection and Discussion of Ayat from Surat Ar-Rahman
Who: High School Girls & Boys
When: Tues/Thurs 6pm - 7:30pm (Following Asr Salah)
Where: 3rd Floor - South Room
Program Lead: Dr. Sameera Ahmed


Boys Halaqah:
What: Halaqah focusing on Tawhid, Quranic Literacy, Sirah, and Tafsir
Who/When: Middle School Boys - Saturdays 2pm to 4pm
Who/When High School Boys - Saturdays 4pm to 6pm
Where: Musallah Area
Halaqah Leader: Br. Abdulrahman Ruwaishan
Girls Halaqah:
What: Halaqah focusing on Tawhid, Quranic Literacy, Sirah and Tafsir
Who/When: Middle School Girls - Saturdays 2pm - 4pm
Who/When:  High School Girls - TBD
Where: NICC 2nd floor South Room
Youth Lounge
Youth Lounge Hours & Quran Reading:
What: An Hour of Quran & and Hour of Play
(Air Hockey Table, Basketball Hoops, Pingpong Table and PS4)
Who: Middle School and High School Youth
Where: Musallah Area then Youth Lounge 
Hours: GIRLS Mon/Wed/Fri 2-4PM  BOYS Mon/Wed/Fri 4-6PM
****All Participants must pre-register. No onsite registration. No exceptions. Limited seats.****
What: Overnight Activities including short talks, activities, prayer, suhoor and Fajr.
Where: NICC Prayer Hall
Event Coordinator: Br. Abdulrahman Ruwaishan
Sunday, June 19th  
Friday, June 24th
Middle School Boys
Sunday June 12th
Friday June 17th
What: Overnight Activities including short talks, activities, prayer, suhoor and Fajr.
Where: NICC Prayer Hall
High School Girls
Saturday, June 18th
Wednesday, June 22nd
Middle School Girls
Saturday June 11th
Wednesday June 15
What: Iftar & Short Talk
Who: Middle and High School Boys & Girls
Where: Basement of NICC
Admission Cost: $5/Youth
Boys Thursdays, June 9th & June 23rd
Girls Dates: Tuesdays, June 7th & June 21st
Journey through the Qur'anfor Girls


Sura Al-Baqara, Tafseer and Explanation


When  : Starting June 7th till June 29th every Tuesday and


Where: NICC
For     :       Girls ages 10 and up
Time  :  12pm- 2:00pm
*** Community Qur'an Competition  *** 
Central Ohio’s 11th Annual
Ramadan Community Competition
Saturday June 25th, 2015 from 11 am to 5 pm
Award ceremony will be during KHATIRAH at 11:00 pm EST 
Event I – Surah Recitation in Arabic w/English Presentation of summary
There will be 4 age groups in this event. The top candidate in each age group will be rewarded by Cash Prizes ! Contestants will recite the surah from their age group and then present a comprehensive verbal summary (in English) of the message in the surah. The summary has to give detailed information of the surah’s embedded message. Each candidate, ages 5-13, will receive 5 minutes to recite AND present. All candidates, ages 14 & up, will receive up to 10 minutes to recite AND present. Oration attributes are tone, tempo, clarity of message/summary, gestures of winning audience and time management.
  • Group I   (Ages 5 to 7), Surah 107; Al-Ma'un (Acts of Kindness) (11:00am-1:00pm)
  • Group II  (Ages 8 to 10), Surah 102; At-Takathur (The Abundance of Wealth) (1:00pm-2:30pm)
  • Group III (Ages  11 to 13), Surah 93; Ad-Duha (The Brightness of the Day) (2:30pm- 4:00pm)
  • Group IV (Ages 14 to 17), Surah 85; Al-Buruj (The Stars) (4:00pm-5:30pm)
Event II – Recitation with Tajweed
There will be 3 groups in this event. Judges, will ask the contestant to recite any part of the surah from the respective JUZZ they are competing for, from below. Top 3 candidates in each group will be rewarded with Cash Prizes!
  • Group 1 – Juzz 30 (11:00am-12:30pm)
  • Group II – Juzz 30, 29 (12:30pm-2:00pm)
  • Group III – Juzz 30, 29, 28 (2:00pm-3:30pm)
Event III – Islamic Quiz (on paper)
There will be 3 age groups. Questions will be on Life of Mohammad (PBUH) in Makkah and Madinah, Family of Muhammad (PBUH), Quran, Prophets of Islam, Companions and the 4 Caliphs. Cash Price for top 3 scorers in each group!
  • Group I – Ages 8 to 12 (3:00pm-4:00pm).
  • Group II – Ages 13 to 18 (3:00pm-4:00pm)
  • Group III – Adults (18+) (3:00pm-4:00pm)
JUST BRING YOURSELF PREPARED ON TIME and go through the EVENTS to win prizes J
PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE -- outreach@noorohio.org


************ Daura-e-Quran (Urdu)  *********** 

Translation of the entire Qur'an with

brief explanation in Urdu

May 31st to July 1st (Everyday)
Teleconference : 10:30am to 12:30pm
Gear up with Quran for the month of Ramadan by building a relationship with Quran. There is no way to do it except to spend time with Quran. May Allah grant us His love and understanding of His Book.
Dial in No. 605 477 2100
Access Code: 188630#
To Mute and un-Mute:  Press *6
Just in case you cannot listen to live, you can also listen to the recording on the phone whenever you have time.
Playback No. 605 477 2199
Access Code: 188630#
The telephone numbers are long distance numbers. Please make sure you have long-distance access on your phone or you might be charged by your telephone provider.


Iqama Timing

  Adhan Salat
Fajr 5:12 5:45
Dhuhr 1:30 2:00
Asr 5:21 5:45
Maghrib 8:25 8:30
Isha 9:50 10:00

Jumma (Friday) Prayers

Khutbah Salah
12:15 12:45
1:15 1:45
2:00 (Arabic) 2:30
3:00 (Youth) 3:30
No Youth khutbah during school breaks



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